How GTPS was created

2006 | The Brazilian and global scenario were alarming, with continuous releases on the impacts of cattle production towards biodiversity. International and national pressure were present due to the deforestation rates, which peaked firstly in a moratorium to the purchase of soy, and later on the purchase of meat.

2007 | Noticing the importance of a joint chain action, different leaders of the agriculture and livestock sector, representatives of the industry, civil producers and organizations had decided to carry out a meeting to talk over a single transparent way to search for standards and common practices to be adopted by the beef cattle chain.

Thus, our Working Group on Sustainable Livestock, emerged.


in Brazil and around the World

impacts of the cattle production in biodiversity

international and national pressure due to the deforestation rates

How GTPS was formed

2009 | The association was officially constituted, under the first presidency of Ocimar de Camargo Villela.

Since its beginning, the option was for a round-table of ideas for a fair production. When we started, there were 20 members, from the same categories that make us up until today, evidencing the plurality of the entity.

2010 | | The first resources survey was carried out to structure commissions, organize seminaries and participate in international events on sustainable livestock. Right in following year, the governance model and strategical pillars were planned and settled, which are kept until today. With a settled base, paths for institucional strengthening, raise of capital, projects and planning common interests.

Since its beginning, the option was to high light and widely spread possible subjects as:

  • practices for sustainable livestock;
  • maintenance of the standing forest;
  • Integration of Livestock-Crop-Foretry (ILCF);
  • payment for rendered environmental services;
  • carbon balance.

International reference on sustainable livestock

Our structured initiative fostered the beginning of “Mesa- Redonda da Carne Bovina Sustentável” (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef – GRSB), from which we are active members since its foundation, in 2014.

Our example also inspired initiatives to foster sustainable livestock in countries such as Canada, the United States, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay, among others.

We have also been acknowledge in the international scope, with the Certificate of Excellence in Sustainability, at the Corporate Governance category, by the “Instituto Brasileiro de Executivos de Finanças” (IBEF), in 2014.

United Nations Conference | Paris

From 2015 on we have become the voice of sustainable livestock at the COP21, in Paris, and at the majority of the subsequent climate conferences.

Among the subjects, we have covered are:

  • The Reduction of deforestation in the Amazon biome
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of pasture areas and Brazilian Forest Code.

Beyond ideas,
GTPS goes to the field

2013 | Supported by partners, we selected seven projects in five Brazilian states to work subjects such as:

• farm management;
• pastures’ management;
• qualified technical assistance support;
• guidance towards credit access.

We believe that the indirect consequence of this initiative has reached other 800 producers, in an area of approximately 800 thousand hectares.

7 projects

5 states

800 producers

800.000 hectares




From 2018 on, we intensified the engagement to fight deforestation, finding ways to compensate for conservation, such as as the carbon credit, besides stimulating the sustainable intensification.

Acting this way, the group was kept unified and motivated towards the practices, converging each member’s private agendas.

Currently what we do is to magnify actions in a structured way.

We are still the voice for the world, with real examples showing that it is possible to produce beef in Brazil while managing biodiversity.