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To promote the sustainable development of Brazilian livestock through the articulation of the chain, continuous improvement and dissemination of information.


GTPS (Brazilian Round Table for Sustainable Livestock)-Grupo de Trabalho da Pecuária Sustentável, was created in late 2007 and was formally constituted in June 2009. It is formed by representatives of all links of the value chain of the cattle livestock such as producers, industries, organizations of the industry and associations, retailers, supplies and services providers, financial institutions, civil society organizations, research centers and universities. For details on the categories of members, access: http://www.gtps.org.br/associados/.

The main objective of GTPS is to discuss and formulate the principles, standards and common practices adopted by the industry founded on the premise of developing sustainable, fair, environmentally correct, and economically feasible livestock farming value chain. Based on our example, round tables on Sustainable Livestock are now being created in other countries, namely: The United States, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Australia, Argentina and Paraguay. Other initiatives such as the Global Round Table and the Canadian Round Table are already conducting many activities.

GTPS was a pioneering initiative in sustainable livestock and a precursor to the creation of round tables in different countries where livestock is also an important activity, such as the United States, Canada, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Australia. Nowadays, GTPS and all regional initiatives are part of the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef (GRSB).